Meet the Team

Alex Toney | Rental Manager

Team member since: 2013

Likes: Coffee, science, photography

Alex literally has a Masters degree in Civil Engineering. We don't know why he still works here, but we're terrified one day he'll leave us.

Eric Martin | Grip Extraordinaire

Team member since: 2017

Crews as: Camera Operator, Grip, Gaffer, Assistant Camera

Likes: Ghost hunting, cooking, and hairless cats

Eric has the mindset of a mechanical engineer and the skillset of MacGyver. If something needs to be built, rigged up, or improved on set (or in our case at the office), we know Eric will find the best way to make it happen.

Mackenna Crosby | Editing Ace

Team member since: 2017

Crews as: Camera Operator, Grip, Assistant Camera

Likes: Board games, animals, and re-watching her favorite TV shows more times than a person should

Though she may look like a Disney Channel star (we're still not convinced she wasn't), Mackenna much prefers to be behind the scenes. You're likely to find her spending the workday in our editing room sorting through hours of footage that no one else wants to deal with.

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