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Two Day AC Workshop

AC Workshop Part 1 (Lecture)

Saturday, September 9, 2023
9:00 am
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Workshop Instructor

Ever want to work on the large movies that come to Ohio? Want to learn how to work in the camera department? Learn the things they don’t teach you in film school or by teaching yourself!?

We are hosting an improved two-day seminar on becoming a second assistant camera and/or camera loader! This comprehensive training program is designed for individuals who want to gain knowledge and skills to “get your foot in the door”. How to interact on large movie sets, and work in a team of camera people will be the main focus! An Optional additional day two will focus on more hands-on aspects, Building cameras, tripods, and department expectations. We will feature Arri Alexa Cameras including(pending availability)  the Alexa Mini LF, Alexa 35, Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Red Cameras, in addition to all the regular "industry standard" film equipment that nearly every film set carries.

The seminar will provide an in-depth overview of the roles and responsibilities of a second assistant camera, including how to support the camera team on set, manage camera equipment, slating, expectations, and how to be a team player. Our experienced instructors, with a combined 40+years of experience(including projects Star Wars, Fast and the Furious, Captain America, Emancipation, and more!), will guide you through the fundamentals of the camera department, providing practical tips and tricks that you can apply on the job. All of the instructors are active camera department Assistant Cameras or Operators, and actively work on some of the largest movies, commercials, and TV shows in Hollywood and around the world.

Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to work collaboratively with the first assistant camera, director of photography, and other members of the camera department. We will cover the technical aspects of camera dept operations, including understanding marking actors, slating best practices, who to know on set, how to be an irreplaceable asset to your team which inevitably leads to more work!

You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills with real world professional camera equipment, with our instructors providing feedback and guidance to help you improve your technique. Setup of Mitchell sticks and O’Connor heads, professional cameras, lens handoffs, filters, monitor setup, video distribution will all be covered.

Upon completion of the seminar, you will have the confidence and knowledge to take on the role in the camera department with competence and professionalism. Our training program will equip you with the skills needed to advance in your career and learn how to get hired on the next job!

Join us for one or both days of learning, networking, and skill-building as we help you take your career to the next level. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lunch provided both days.

Instructor's for the two Day Course Include(but not limited to):

Travis Cleary, 1st AC, Local 600

Jordan Pellegrini, 2nd AC

Colleen Mleziva, 2nd AC

Ryan Forte, Steadicam Operator

Both days will be held at Creative House Studios.

Day 1 Lecture - (7-8hrs)
Features all the practical knowledge you need to work in the camera department on a major movie. The focus is on sharing knowledge, mentalities on set, working in a team environment, Local 600, and what to expect. There is a strong power point element and includes lots of industry stories which will be insightful, sometimes funny, and very applicable.

SEPT 9th - begins 9am
Cost $120 plus tax


Day 2- 7 Hands On (7-8hrs)
Use all of your knowledge you just learned and practically apply it on real industry standard equipment. Every person will be given the opportunity to build tripods, cameras, put on lenses and filters, and all the "details" to impress your colleagues and get hired again!

SEPT 10th - begins 9am
Cost $200 plus tax