Cleveland Indie Film Incubator Casting Call

We are looking for actors to fill the roles in five of the Incubator short films. Casting for these will take place Saturday, May 20th at Creative House Studios in Cleveland, OH between 10-4pm. We are looking for a wide array of actors to fill these roles - there may be something for you!

Pre-Registration is now closed.

We will accept walk-in auditions, but scheduled auditions will take priority, so there may be a small wait. Scripts and sides are linked below with the password: incubator.

We are accepting video auditions until Sunday, May 21st. Please email them to

See Casting Breakdowns below.

For All Short films:
Rate of Pay: No pay; Copy, credit, meals
Actors must be available for the shoot dates indicated by each film. We will not be able to accommodate conflicts.
If you are unable to attend the in-person audition, you may submit a video audition to

"The Back of Your Eyelids"

Storyline: After a recent breakup, social media obsessed Maria faces her deepest fear - spending the night alone. What will she do to pass the time? Not even she knows. Through facing her ex-boyfriend, celebrating her birthday alone, and a chance encounter with a delivery driver, she learns a lesson in what it means to choose yourself.
Shoot Dates: July 8th & 9th
Available Roles:

Maria (F)  Lead. Mid 20’s. Self Conscious. Pretty. Curated. Recovering from a recent breakup and trying to hide it from her friends. Celebrating her 25th Birthday alone at her apartment when she can’t find anyone to spend it with. Social media and appearance obsessed. Learning how to live with herself. Discovering her place in the world.
Jordan (M) Supporting. 20’s. Endearing. Quirky. Caring. Light-hearted. A delivery driver that’s new at his job and drops off food for Maria. An unexpected encounter outside Maria’s apartment leads them to connect closer. Funny without always meaning to be.
Benny (M) Supporting. 20’s. Ex-boyfriend to Maria. Attentive. Empathetic. Knows Maria like nobody else in her world, and the two have an unspoken connection. Has a hard time saying what he feels.
Ava (F) Voice Over Role. Supporting. 20’s. Best friend of Maria. Recovering from wisdom tooth surgery, and sounds like it. She is blunt, a bit self involved, and not the greatest friend. Consumed with the appearance of herself and her friends.

"Beer Club"

Storyline: Beer Club is the painfully relatable story of a perfectly planned party gone wrong. In this slapstick comedy, a group of six suburban fathers gather for the first ever meeting of their neighborhood beer club. What begins as a casual backyard beer sampling event ends in brawl, barf and blaze.
Shoot Dates: July 22nd & 23rd
Available Roles
DAN (M) Lead. 40s/50s. Dan is our host and resident beer aficionado. Everyone loves Dan. He’s the glue that holds the group together. With this being the first ever beer club meeting, Dan takes it upon himself to make it a night they’ll never forget. This is a night he has strategically planned for weeks. Interacts with a large dog.
OLIVER (M) Supporting. 40s/50s. The downer of the group. Freshly divorced and unwilling to see a therapist, beer club is exactly what Oliver needed. A man of many allergies and few social skills. Trying his best.
SCHMITTY (M) Supporting. Early-to-late 30s. A middle school history teacher, Schmitty makes the most of his last week of summer by showing up to beer club totally wasted. He is flanked by partner in crime, Coach. Went to a party school and drinks enough light beer to show it. The youngest of the group and indulges in it.
COACH (M) Supporting. 40s/50s. A middle school football coach and gym teacher. The group calls him Coach as a dig at how serious he takes his job. Savors his time off and drinks enough to show it. Takes Schmitty under his wing. Refuses to accept that he graduated from college two decades ago. Desperately needed an excuse to be away from the wife.
ROB (M) Supporting. Mid-to-late 30s. A newly minted father to twin girls. Has not slept in the past eight months. New to the neighborhood and itching to make friends. Cannot escape baby responsibilities. Surprised he could even make it to the party.

"The Sauce"

Storyline: A dark-comedy horror blend about a bottle of sauce which drives an insatiable man insane.
Shoot Dates: August 5th & 6th
Available Roles:

Dr. Williams F / NB, 30s-50s — a normal psychotherapist who seems unbothered by her patients. Pretty even-keel, perhaps a touch cold but not sinister. Dr. Williams seems invested in her work, but also finds it hard to relate to her zany patients. She eventually succumbs to her patient’s story — and her determination sets her up for trouble.
Deren M / NB, 20s-30s — A bit crazed, aware that he’s crazed but seemingly unable to do anything. Comes across as desperate, but also a lovable loser. Looks average, and might be average, had supernatural things not affected him. Desires to escape the supernatural, but allows himself to be caught in it as well.
Rochellene F / NB, 20s-40s - Works hard at not working, a receptionist who is more concerned with fielding gossip than calls. A bit sassy, sultry, a comedic relief in a tense therapist’s office.

"Periods, Puberty and the Paranormal"

Storyline: Being a tween girl is confusing and vulnerable. Going through puberty and learning about sex can while simultaneously fighting off sexual advances can be really confusing and scary. I wanted to create a coming-of-age horror comedy that delves into all the discomfort and tension. Valentina is just trying to be the little girl she's always been, but parties, periods, boys, and monsters are all thrusting her into young adulthood.
Shoot Dates: August 19th & 20th
Available Roles:

VALENTINA HERNADEZ (F/12) Valentina is an awkward preteen. Prideful, hot-headed, and individualistic, she’s caught between her childish nature, and the irresistible urge to fit in as a teen. She has grown distant from her lifelong “BFF” Suzie and is unsure whether to hang tight or let go. Uncomfortable in her own skin and beginning to feel like an outsider everywhere, she struggles to figure out who she is and where she fits in the most confusing stage of life.

SUZIE JACKENFIRE (F/13) Suzie projects self-confident extroversion believing she is winning the whole puberty game. She and Valentina have been friends as long as they can remember, but Suzie’s newfound affinity for makeup and boys drives her into new social circles. Under the glam surface beats the heart of a loyal friend and future marine biologist obsessed with anything to do with the ocean. Since she enjoys her new self-assured persona, she stands at a crossroads between pressures to either maintain the deep friendships and interests that have formed her or leave them behind to enjoy the privileges of hanging with the cool kids.

ALEX (M/14) He’s a charming and popular jock who flirts with younger girls because their inexperience is easier to manipulate. A “nice guy” who uses acts of friendship and basic social etiquette with the ulterior aim of progressing to a romantic or sexual relationship.

HARVEY HANLEY (M/14) Harvey Hanley is captain of the swim team and the most popular boy in 7th grade, but he can’t help but feel like his friends only like him for his cool basement and his parent's lack of supervision. He’s confused why girls he’s known since kindergarten now get all giggly and weird around him.

"A Crack in the Foundation"

Storyline: A Crack in the Foundation follows Evan Wallace who is a young college student struggling to cope with and understand his mental health. This is a story meant to break down the "taboo" nature of mental health that affects black men. Its genre is drama.
Shoot Dates: Aug 26th, 27th
Available Roles:
Evan: M / Early 20s, Black - Smart, Nervous, College student who feels like he owes the world but never owes himself. Quiet yet Belligerent.
Mikayla: F / Early 20s, Black - College student and friend to Evan. Compassionate and intelligent. She has an edge to her, but is comfortable in her own vulnerability.
Mr. Bell: M / Mid 30s, Black - Evan’s advisor and self appointed mentor. Stern/Stoic, Earned his spot in the world against the odds, and doesn’t take this for granted.
Professor Boehm: - M / 50s, White - Evan’s college professor. Self-righteous, Indignant.
Receptionist: F / Early 20s, White - Gentle, Friendly/bubbly front desk receptionist to student counseling services.
Mom: F / 30s - 40s, Black - Caring, Sees her son Evan as an extension of herself.
Dad: M / 30s - 40s, Black - Evan’s father. Strong-willed, Workaholic, places his value in his career.
Garrett: - M / Early 20s, Black - A member of the black student therapy group. Masculine, yet sensitive. Invites Evan to share within the group.
Aaron: - M / Early 20s, Black - A member of the black student therapy group. Shy, kind. A bit dorky.

"The Nurse" has already been cast.

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