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Camera Support

Tripod Head & Sticks Rentals

Mitchell Mount

Ronford Baker - Rolling Spider

Heavy-duty rolling spreader with almost unlimited weight capacity.

Panther - Vario Jib

Heavy Duty jib arm. Max Reach 6' (9' with extension). Max Payload 175lbs (100lbs w/ extension). Doorway Dolly w/ Bazooka available for additional $100.

O'Connor - 2575D Ultimate Fluid Head

Simply the best fluid head on the market, and an industry standard. Includes: Euro Plate, Pan Arm, and Tie Down.

O'Connor - 2060HD Ultimate Fluid Head

Smaller and lighter, but definitely no pushover, OConnor 2060HD offers the same continuously variable sinusoidal counterbalance system found in the larger 2575, with a maximum payload of 83lbs. More than enough for all but the largest cinema packages. Includes: Euro Plate, Pan Arm, and Tie Down.

MItchell Mount - Standard Legs

Floor spreader and hard case are included.

Mitchell Mount - Baby Legs

A floor spreader and hard case are included.

Mitchell Mount - Hi-Hat

MItchell Mount - Low-Hat

The picture is exactly what you get.

100mm Bowl

Sachtler - Video 20

The Sachtler 20 tripod is a durable, heavy duty tripod that is amazingly smooth and easy to operate. Perfect for professional cameras such as the Sony FS7, RED Weapon or Alexa Amira.

Sachtler - Video 18

The Sachtler 18 is an industry standard reliable tripod. Incredibly light for its capacity, it responds smoothly for even, easily controlled movement.

Cartoni - Focus 12

Each of the double-staged can be adjusted to the perfect height with one lever, making tripod head combo specially designed for fast setup.

Manfrotto - 529B Hi-Hat

It now comes on a board. We'll update the picture soon.

75mm Bowl

Cartoni - Focus 8

The lightweight 75mm Focus 8 Fluid Head comes with a Manfrotto compatible slider plate. This is a great choice for DSLRs or lightweight camera builds.

Manfrotto - 504HD

When you need a sturdy tripod and you don't want to spend a lot of cash, the Manfrotto 504HD is just the thing. Ours come mounted on the 546B legs with mid-level spreaders.

Induro - Alloy 8M Hi-Hat

Includes 75mm Half Ball


Manfrotto - 562B Monopod

Includes MVH500 fluid head.

Slider & Dolly Rental

Kessler Cinedrive - 4 Axis

High-precision 4-axis motion control. Comes with the Kessler Shuttle Dolly and Kwik-Rail.

Kessler - Shuttle Dolly

Includes choice of extendable Kessler Kwik-Rail, or standard speedrail.

Dana Dolly - Curved Track

Includes (3) slider stands and 10', 45° curved speedrail.

Dana Dolly

Includes slider stands and choice of (2) 4'/6'/8' lengths speed rail

Rhino - Slider EVO - 24"

Rhino - Ultimate Slider Bundle

Includes 24" and 42" rails, slider motors, and the new ARC II pan/tilt head w/ focus control, for quick, precise 4-axis motion control. Max payload - 15lbs.

8 Ball - 4' Slider

Heavy Duty Mitchell Mount Slider

Modern Studio - Doorway Dolly w/ 4-Way Steering

Gimbal Rental

DJI - Ronin RS2

Includes Raveneye Transmitter

Freefly - MoVI PRO

This Movi Pro bundle includes everything you need to get cinematic moves with a camera weighing up to 15lbs.

Freefly - MoVI Controller

This professional-grade remote system that allows a MoVI operator full control over pan, tilt, and roll on the MoVI Pro, as well as access to the Movi's built-in FIZ lens control.

DJI Ronin-S w/ Focus Motor

Adding the focus motor to the DJI Ronin-S setup allows precise control of lenses that are either manual or don't operate well natively with the DJI Focus wheel.

DJI Ronin-S

The Ronin-S is a 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer designed for the DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Shoulder Mount & Handheld Options

Easyrig - Vario 5 w/ Serene Arm

The Easyrig removes the weight off your shoulder and puts in on your hips, giving your back a break on a long shoot day. This version includes the Gimbal Rig vest w/ Vario 5 tension adjuster, 5" extension arm, and the Flowcine Serene Arm, making it perfect for holding a heavy gimbal like the Movi Pro or Ronin 2 all day.

Cinema Devices - Ergorig

The Ergorig is an innovative body vest for shoulder-mounting a camera without putting any stress on the spine. It supports heavy-duty loads, such as a fully-accessorized Alexa, with 100% of the weight is distributed to the operator's hips instead of their back and shoulder.

Redrock - Micro ShoulderMount

Are you a run and gun shooter? The Redrock MicroShoulderMount is a simple affordable solution to capture high quality footage on the go. Shoot in comfort with the Redrock MicroShoulderMount.

O'Connor - O-Grips

The O'Connor O-Grips are a single ball-jointed hand grip set that consists of a solid titanium core that provides durability and reliability. You can use the double jointed hand grip set for payloads up to 44 lb (20 kg).

CAS - Spider Grips

Lightweight, but rugged and extremely versatile, Spidergrips are an ideal accessory for any camera package.


Panther - Vario Jib

Heavy Duty jib arm. Max Reach 6' (9' with extension). Max Payload 175lbs (100lbs w/ extension). Doorway Dolly w/ Bazooka available for additional $100.

Kessler - Pocket Jib w/ K-Pod Tripod

With a maximum extended length of 72" (6'), the Kessler Pocket Jib gives you the advantage as an independent filmmaker to get those dynamic movement shots. Kessler Crane is one of the top manufactures of dollies and makes any filmmaker feel like a pro!

Kessler - Pocket Jib Traveler

Includes Kessler Pocket Jib Traveller, 8lb Bola Bag Counterweight, and Induro 2-Stage Tripod w/ Kwik-Release


Spider Pod