Are you a local filmmaker who’s looking to elevate the production of your film? Cleveland Camera Rental is offering $20,000 total in rental credits to selected Cleveland area filmmakers to nurture creativity and collaboration within the local filmmaking community. There is no better time than NOW to bring your passion project to life!

What is the CCR Rental Credit Grant program? 

The grant program aims to facilitate collaboration and elevate the quality of passion projects. When selecting candidates, CCR will prioritize projects that demonstrate a clear vision, have set filming dates, and showcase how the rental credit will enhance the production rather than simply reduce costs. All standard rental terms and conditions will apply.

How to Apply for Part of the $20,000 in Rental Credit Grant

The $20,000 in rental credit will be split among the selected local filmmakers. The rental credit can only be used on the project entered and only on the dates entered. Priority will be given to projects that have specific shooting dates, specific reasons for using the rental credit, and a clear vision.

The submission deadline is February 21st, 2024. The awarded amounts will be made public by the end of February. If you have any submission questions, feel free to email and we will get back to you. More specific guidelines and limitations may be added by Cleveland Camera Rental at any time. Good luck!

To apply for part of the $20,000 in rental credit grant, please fill out the form at this link:

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